Secondary monitor doesn't display after coming out of Standby



I have a dual monitor system which works fine after rebooting or coming out
of Hibernation, but not if I put the system on Standby. During the recovery
from Standby, the secondary monitor shows the same DOS information as the
primary, but when the Windows screen should come on it says "No signal", then
goes to sleep. I've been able to cure the problem by putting the system back
into Standby briefly, then bringing it out again. If I try to drag a Desktop
icon from the primary monitor to the (blank) secondary monitor by moving the
mouse over the secondary monitor, the icon doesn't move, from which I
conclude the system believes the monitor isn't there. Yet when I look at
ControlPanel/Display/Settings everything seems fine - it shows the secondary
monitor with the "Extend my Windows desktop" checked.

I'm running Windows XP SP2 with a Radeon 7000 series graphics card.

Any thoughts, anyone?

Andrew E.

Try downloading the "exhibitor" from windows media,the utility is
for 2 or more monitors.Also,try the color aplet for xp,both are from


Thanks. I looked at both programs, but it doesn't seem like they address the
present issue and I'm reluctant to install them unless there's some
indication they'll help.

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