StandBy / USB Mass Storage Device issue



Running a newly reinstalled Windows XP Pro Sp3 with ASUS P5B motherboard

The StandBy feature worked just fine on Service pack 2 before.

After reinstalling Win XP Pro with Sp3, I install all of my programs and by
mistake install my old HP printer driver from the CD which is not supported
in XP.

I put my computer on Standby the usual way from Turn off computer > Standby
(the standby button doesn't highlight like the other two)
(Settings in Power Options: Monitor: after 5 min Hard Dr: 10 min StandBy:
10 min)

Here's what happen: The system begin to shut down as appropriate, then move
onto "Preparing to StandBy" screen, then the monitor screen turns black for 2
seconds then comes back to my Desktop with the following message from the
system tray:

"The USB Mass Storage Device has malfunctioned and exceeded the power limits
of its hub port. You should disconnect the device.
Recommendation: To reenable the port, disconnect the hardware and click

I disconnected the printer USB cord, and click Reset and everything (all USB
controllers) is working properly in Device Manager.

I uninstalled the wrong Printer driver and downloaded the one for Windows XP.

I have USB Mass Storage Device sitting in "Safely Remove Hardware" icon In
the System tray.

The problem with Standby persist.
Would someone know how I can fix this problem? Thank you

R. McCarty

Usually a external USB drive that has a 2.5" ( Notebook ) drive inside
the case can run from the USB +5.0 Volt line. It's the external cases w/
3.5" drives that need a separate "Wall Wart" adapter to supply the
drive voltage.

I use a FireLite brand external USB drive. While plugged in, it draws
only 2mA of current from the USB Hub.


Thank you for your time and letting me know that the printer issue is not the
cause. However, I do not have an external hard disk attached to my computer
nor a digital camera - only the keyboard and mouse. I have a Cannon scanner
driver and software installed and I haven't connected it to USB yet, since
I'm not currently using it.

I downloaded all Windows Update.

In the Start Menu the StandBy button remains a solid color unlike the other 2.

What else could cause this problem?


A "USB Mass Storage Device" does not refer to a printer. It refers to a
device which can contain files eg an external hard disk, digital camera
etc. Your printer issue is not causing the standby problem, though you
were right to correct the driver incompatibility.

One classic cause of the error "The USB Mass Storage Device has
malfunctioned and exceeded the power limits" is when an external hard
disk draws it's power from a USB port rather than from the mains. USB
ports on the same hub can only supply a small amount of power in total,
and if other USB devices are also in use on that hub it's easy to exceed
what's available.

If this applies to you, you will either need to fit an additional USB
2.0 card that fits into a spare PCI slot (this gives you another hub),
or try removing some of the other USB devices, or buy an external hard
disk which uses mains power.

Whenever I buy an external hard disk I deliberately avoid those that
can't use mains power. They are more portable than mains-powered ones
but they do suffer from this usb power problem.

Several "All in One" style of printer can also have digital media
slots so you can insert the media from most digital cameras. The OP
did not specify the model of printer.


My printer is HP deskjet 940c. Not an all-in-one printer.
I don't believe the error message I'm getting has anything to do physically
with the USB storage device since I have nothing else then the mouse,
keyboard and printer on USB.
Thank you I appreciate your help.

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