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I have a laptop with XP Home. I also have a separate flat panel monitor
that I use as a secondary monitor. The flat panel is set up to the left of
the laptop. When I open the display properties and go to the "settings" tab,
I right click on monitor and click "attached." I then drag the icon for the
#2 monitor to the left of the #1, mimicking the way they're physically set up
on my desk.

The problem is, when I do this, the icons all move over to the left
(secondary) monitor after I close the properties window. If I then reopen
the properties window, deactivate the secondary monitor and then reactivate
it, (again dragging to the left of the #1 monitor) the icons then stay on the
laptop's monitor. The second problem, though, is that even though they stay,
the screen size seems to be affected, and the icons end up with a space
between the second and third from the bottom icon rows.

Is there a way to (1) make the icons stay on the laptop's screen right from
the start without having to redo the whole process, and (2) keep the icons
from spacing out once they're set on the primary monitor?

NOTE: The "Use this device as the primary monitor" check box is grayed out
on the secondary monitor. Both check boxes (primary monitor & extent my
Windows desktop...) check boxes are grayed out on the primary monitor.


This happens only with laptops because of some constrictions as apposed as
to 2 normal monitors on a desktop computer.

The only solution is for you to use a program that remembers the icons
postitions and restores them.
You might also want to see this : shareware but very good

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