windows XP losing netwok drive mappings



I did a new XP setup and mapped my network drives under a
specific user name.

Every time I log in I lose my drive mappings.

The user is the administrator to the local PC, but when
logging in a message is displayed that "all the network
drives could not be connected".

If I log in as Administrator the drive mapping stay, but
this is not practicle.

I tryed remapping, but lose the mappings every time.
Please help.
Thank you.

Art Billings

I'm having a similar problem, to the one mentioned below. The difference in
my situation is that I'm connecting to a peer-to-peer network wirelessly.
After a reboot and the user logs on I get the "all the network drives could
not be connected" message. When I look in explorer the mapped drives have a
red x through them. When I do a net use at the command prompt the listing
says that those virtual drives are "disconnected". But when I double click
on the drives in Explorer, the red x disappears and the contents of the
share becomes accessible.

This is good but unacceptable. The reason the drives are mapped is to allow
installed applications to access shared databases, and as long as the drives
are "disconnected" the apps can't find the files.

I have created a batch file that maps the drives and configured a local
policy to run the script as a startup script, but the same condition exists
after the user logs on.

My thought is that it is just the way XP starts up it's services, since the
"all the network drives could not be connected" message appears before the
wireless network connection icon appears in the system tray.

Any direction on how to overcome this challenge would be greatly

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