Windows XP Issues after Hard Drive Upgrade

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Oscar N. Fuentes-Guzman

Good Afternoon,

My name is Oscar and I recently did a hard drive upgrade. I went from a 80
GB Seagate Hard Drive to a 1 TB Western Digital SATA Hard Drive. I used the
Western Digital utilities to successfully transfer existing data from old
hard drive to the new one. Transfer of data was successul without any issues
or corrupt data.

I was able to log in to Windows XP on the New Hard Drive without any issues.
This is where i noticed that many of my icons were there on the desktop but
when i clicked on the icons the program has difficulty opening properly. Most
of my applications effected are Adobe and Microsoft Office Applications. All
other applications run smoothly without any problems. I attempted to
reinstall my Adobe CS4 Master Collection and was able to reinstall programs
and use them.

Now I have Microsoft Office 2007 Enterprise Edition which I have the
original CD/DVD and attempted to reinstall the program. It read's the CD but
won't let me reinstall the software. I thought it was my CD Drive but I
tested other CD's and get the same issue. If I attempt to run the CD
installation the CD takes a while to load and then nothing just freezes my
desktop. I attempt to download the Enterprise Edition from the Microsoft
Website installation screen pops up and immediately closes and I get the pop
up to send the Error report.

I have looked online to see if there have been any issues related to
something like this, noticed one thread but no solution. I will attempt to
run SFC /SCANNOW and see if it is something with the registry or installation
files, i have a feeling it could be corrupted installation files. Windows is
up to date no new updates. Reinstalled Service Pack 3. Both Drives in my
desktop are are the same before the upgrade: Local Disk (C) and Local Disk
(D) so the letters did not change. Any help would be greatly appreciated, I
hope I can find a solution otherwise I will have no choice but to reformat
and start from scratch.

Thanks again!

Desktop Information:

DELL OptiPlex 170L
Pentium 4 Processor
2.88 GHZ 2 GB RAM
Hard Drive 1.5 TB Local Disk (C)
Hard Drive 80 GB Local Disk (D)
Windows XP Professional Service Pack 3

Oscar N. Fuentes-Guzman
(e-mail address removed)



Rich Barry

Did you first remove the all the old Microsoft Office Apps??? You
should be able to do it through Add/Remove Programs in Control Panel.



Bob Harris

An important question: Is your new disk 1.0 TB or 1.5 TB. You mention the
lower value in the text of your message, but the larger is contained in your
system specifications.

The significance of the precise disk size is that some, maybe many, disk
controller can not handle 1.5 TB disks. Even 1.0 TB might be a stretch for
a controller that was originally used with an 80 GB disk. I became aware of
such issues when I wanted to upgrade a 2003 vintage PC from 120 GB to
something larger. I settled for 500 GB, which worked, rathger than taking
chances with 1TB or larger..

Unfortunately, it can be difficult to get a simple answer to the question,
"How big a disk can a motherboard support?" The only way I have gleaned
such infomation is to perform several searches on key words involving band,
model, and words like "problem", "size", etc. Sometimes this information
appears in user forms associated with a product line, other times it appears
in FAQs. Since you have a Dell, try contacting Dell support.

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