windows will not boot



Have windows XP Pro. SP3, windows will not start, starts at black screen
(normal safemode Ect.)
this machine also has a 2nd HD that I mirrored of the the orig drive
I thought my main drive went bad so I switch the jumper on the mirrored
drive (back-up drive) from slave to master disconnected orig. drive and still
same thing.
Tried to boot off CD to repair windows say's "operating sys not found"
Reset CMOS reconfig boot up devices Same thing

Did my motherboard go bad?



R. McCarty

Switching to the "Mirrored' drive probably introduced another variable
into the situation. I'd just put the original drive back as Master and do
not re-attach the mirrored Slave.

If you enter BIOS setup does the Autodetect feature correctly ID your
drive ? If so is it set as the secondary boot device ? If you still get the
"Operating System Not Found" msg, you'll need some type of disk
management tool to check the drive status. You need to verify that the
Windows Volume is marked Active and that the partitioning is still in
tact. ( No changes ). For this I use an Acronis product, Disk Mgmt.

Doing a CMOS reset probably wasn't necessary as it also added new
variables into a unbootable condition.

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