Windows Vista Ultimate Backup does not work



When I first installed MS Vista Ultimate 64 bit I did a full backup using
the imbedded backup and restore center. After that I made two subsequent
backups. I experienced a severe problem with the operating system that could
not be diagnosed so I decided to try a restore point first. After all
restore points failed to solve the problem I decided to try a full restore
using the imbedded backup and restore center (which by the way I keep
backups on another SATA drive and that drive is used for no other purpose).
When trying the newest made backup the system froze in the middle of the
restore and said that it could not find a file. OK, so I went to the next
oldest full backup. This was restored. However, after restoration Internet
Explorer would not work and neither would the start menu. OK, so I boot the
Vista Ultimate 64 bit DVD and tried to restore the last known oldest full
backup. After this was done same problem. Internet Explorer would not open
although the start menu would work. I would certainly like to know why I
paid so much money for this version of Vista for accompanying imbedded
software that does not work.

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