Windows updates




I have set my pc to notify me of any windows updates but to ask me before
downloading and installing..this works just fine. The problem is last night I
received notification that there are five new updates and so I clicked to
download them. The download process begins but after a few seconds the icon
disappears from the right corner and the download appears to stop. This has
now also happened on my second pc. If I shut the pc down and reboot it, then
go back online the icon appears again in the right corner and starts to
download again but then the same thing happens...after a few second it stops
and the icon disappears. Strange that it is happening to both my pc's.

Can anyone help me please?


Had similar problem yesterday. Download icon appeared but percent of
download was at zero for a long time. It also disabled the computer where I
could not do anything else. Usually during the download other tasks can be
performed. I let the computer try the download for a long time, 10 to 12
minutes, did no good. Later in the day the download was accomplished with no
problems. I thinks it was a MS site problem. Couldn't even use Task Manager
to end task.


Have managed to download updates on one pc this afternoon. Went straight
after to download updates on second pc and am still having the same problem.
Will have to keep trying.

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