windows update "view history"



I don't know what's going on with all the changes in
windows update.In the last 2 weeks the look/formatt of
the site has changed.So change can be good...but in my
case absolutely not.

Earlier this week I clicked on "view installation
history" and it was all there.Yesterday and today it
keeps telling me that I have no history of
updates/downloads,which are 99% done
automatically.Sometimes when I check a critical or other
a few show up so I download them.

I also don't understand why as of today every minute a
warning pops up to click on for approval to download a
microsoft this and that.All microsoft and this is in the
windows update,windows xp update ,windows catalog
update,etc...(all the same sites basically ,I know.)I
just didn't want someone to tell me I am in the wrong
newsgroup or I could be.I simply know I need help!!!

I run windows xp home service pack 1(not 2 yet)IE6 and
dialup if that helps.

Please,I am pannicking! If anyone knows why this shows up
this way and if all my past years of history to date of
downloads/updates are really gone...I would be more than
deeply grateful.

Jupiter Jones [MVP]

You have Automatic Updates enabled and Microsoft is asking if you want
an update most likely Service Pack-2.
You should install SP-2

To turn off Automatic Update:
Right click My Computer
Click Properties
Click Automatic Update tab
Check appropriate box and click OK.

Also see:

Drew Tognola

No need to panic. If you are using Win XP Home then it's definitely the SP2
update. Since you are using a dial-up and the SP2 update is roughly 200M
it's not completing the download in one sitting. Can you leave your computer
& dial-up running for a few days? Anyway, right-click on 'My Computer' >
'Properties' to verify which version you are currently using.

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