Windows Server 2003 Trial



I recently broke out an old desktop that I installed a trial version of
Windows 2003 Server x32 on.

After a successful installation a couple of days a go I turned it on and I
saw I had a checksum error. I was pretty sure that the cmos battery went out
(resetting system time and date) When windows server booted I got a message
explaining that the trial version of windows 2003 server had expired and then
the computer restarted automatically. I went into the bios and found that
indeed the system date and time had been set back to 2001. I thought that
this was the issue so I fixed the system date and time and booted windows
again but I got the same expiration message.

I checked the bios date and time and it was current. I'm not sure why
Windows Server 2003 still thinks my copy is expired. The trial I downloaded
is a 180 day trial and like I said earlier, I installed only a couple of days

Help anyone?

Tom Emmelot

Hi mac1down,

You don't know what date it was in the Bios at the moment you were
installing 2003?
Maybe it was 2006? or 2007? then your trial is over ;)
So install again with the right date should solve your problem.
Let us know how things went.

Regards >*< TOM >*<

mac1down schreef:


that is true ... I don't know the date of the install according to the system
date and time but my main question was how do I avoid reinstalling ... I
believe the answer is that "I can't avoid it". I reinstalled after replacing
battery and am hoping for the best

thanks for the help

Bill Sanderson

I think your answer was correct--you could not avoid reinstalling.

I'm afraid that the "time bomb" in beta and trial software is quite
unforgiving--and the kind of accident with the date you describe is just
what is likely to set it off.

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