Windows Search fails to create catalog


Anthony Brien

I have been trying to enable the indexing since installing a fresh copy of
build 5536. When I tell Explorer to turn on Indexing and give my credentials
nothing happen. If I open the Indexing Options dialog, everything is grayed
out and it says that "Indexing is not running". I tried to manually start
the Windows Search service, and I get this error:

Windows could not start the Windows Search on Local Computer. For more
information, review the System Event Log. If this is a non-Microsoft
service, contact the service vendor, and refer to service-specific error
code -2147218141.

So I checked the application log and have tons of errors and warnings about

The Windows Search Service has failed to created the new system catalog.
Internal error <1,0x80070002>.

Anyone has an idea how I can delete the old index or fix this, to be able to
start indexing?



I am having the same problem on x86 build 5600! It's frustrating not to be
able to search anything!!! FWIW I did install Office 2007 B2TR


I am having the same problem on x86 build 5600 and FWIW Office 2007 Beta 2
TR. It's insanely frustrating not to be able to search email & files now!


I have the same problem.
Has anyone found a solution? May have to resort to Google's search.

Robert Blacher

Oh dear, a known bug in early builds of Vista, like yours, fixed for the
first time in 5744, I believe, and I know for sure it is fixed in the RTM
(which is what I am running and I had the same problem with the early

The only workaround I ever found was to "upgrade" Vista with the exact same
version (boot the Vista DVD, choose upgrade). THAT caused the index to

Er, the other choice is to buy Vista now if you have that option or wait
'til Jan 30th.

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