Windows Messenger 5.1 extras



I am running WM 5.1 for a couple of years on the company's network.

Allthough we can use the messenger extras between coworkers inside our SBS2K
domain we cannot do this with external contacts.

I have read up about the limitations and I came to the conclusion that it is
mainly because with ISA server on the way this cannot be done. Allthough with
some tweaking a webcam session can be set up as long as it is initiated from
the external contact.

It has been with growing recurrence that we need to send files back and
forth and execute Application sharing with external contacts.

We are working behind an ISA server on the SBS2K box inside our domain
network and I am quite sceptical of the limitations imposed by it regarding
WM. We have been using Groove for that kind of work with selected contact and
those limitations are not there.

We would like to use the Windos Messenger extras, namely:

File sending and receiveing
Audio and Video Communication
Application sharing
Remote Assistance

Is there any development in this area that would enable us them without
compromising security (shutting down ISA alltogether).

Thanks in advance,


Hi Peter,

I am having the same problem and have been unable to find a solution.
Have you had any luck in this department?


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