Windows Media Player Porblems....


Tom Massfeller

Good morning - I have a Dell desktop computer, a few years old, Windows XP.

For a while now when I try to play a video using Windows Media Player, I get
an error saying, "Windows Media Player is not installed properly and must be
reinstalled." But most of the way thru the install I get another error
saying it "Failed to initialize properly(0x80000003)"

I've tried this a few times; always the same errors. Can I completely
uninstall Media Player, and then try reinstalling again, or is it an
integral part of Windows? If I can uninstall it, where do I go to do it?

Any suggestions would be appreciated............ Thanks & Best

Tom Massfeller

I've tried twice to re-install WMP10 over what is already on my computer.
but get an error saying
"A more recent version of Windows Media Player is already installed.
A more recent version of Windows Media Player is running on your computer.
Setup cannot continue"
Does that mean that I may have by mistake downloaded a newer prototype, and
my computer is having trouble with it??

Thanks........................... <TOM>

(Another question: When I begin File Download, and get the question, "Do You
want to run of save this file?", what does that really mean, what's the
difference?? In this instance I clicked on "run").............. Thanks

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