Windows Media Player in PowerPoint



I have inserted the media player, with controls, in a presentation to run a
video. It works fine, but I wish to package the presentation for CD, and to
be played back through the Powerpoint Viewer (without PowerPoint being
installed). However, on packaging the presentation and running it, the
media player skin and controls etc are displayed in the slide, but the play
button is greyed out. Any ideas?




Copy the movie files to the same folder as the presentation. Then "use the
Package for CD
feature"( to
update the links to the movie files, and copy the presentation again to the
Hope it helps:)

Besides,you can also convert your presentation with video in it to
DVD,Office PowerPoint 2007 does not support the direct burning of content to
any DVD formats. As an alternative, follow the steps in
"" to copy
your presentation to a folder, and then use DVD-burning software to import
the content and create a DVD.The tutorial below will teach you how to burn
powerpoint to dvd with these DVD-burning

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