windows media player 9 series


Limin Zheng

Hi, I hope you can help me to solve a problem with
Windows Media Player 9 series. I made some web pages
which have embedded media player for playing audio files.
When these pages were first installed in our computers
which have windows 2000 and windows media player 6.4,
everything was fine. However, after a few days, the sound
file would not play, though the embedded media player's
bar displayed. I found that the media player has somehow
automatically? upgraded to 9 series. I have the media
player 9 series deleted. Everything became fine again. A
fews days later, 9 series popped up again and of course
audio files (plug ins) stopped playing again. Is there
any way I can get rid of media player 9 series once and
for all? Or how can I add some codes so that the audio
can play with 9 series? Thank you very much.


It sounds like you have auto updating turned on. In WMP9
go to tolls then options and turn off your auto update
feature . That should solve your problem.

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