Adding markers to .WMA files using Windows Media File Editor forSeries 9 on Vista

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My brand-new notebook PC is running Vista with Windows Media Player
11. At work we have Media Player 9 and I need to add markers to audio
files that will be running on Media Player 9. I know that there is a
hotfix for running Series 9 Windows Media utilities on Vista, but will
this allow me to do what I need to do? Or will there be a conflict
because the Encoder utilities are Series 9 and the player is Version
11? Can anyone tell me EXACTLY (i.e. problem resolution for dummies)
what I need to do to make this work? Thanks.

zachd [MSFT]

I used the File Editor yesterday and didn't have problems. If you do, post
up the specifics - the guy who owns that code is a friend of mine and I can
put it on his to plate to look at if there's an interesting issue. =)

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