Windows Media Center not reconnizing TV Tuner Card


Joseph Habich

I have a tv tuner card installed. I will admit it is a no name brand. Its
an Encore TV Tuner Card, when I got into Windows Media Center I get an error
that says it does not detect a tuner card present? Any ideas? Need anymore
info? Thanks for any help you can offer.

Joseph Habich
Vista newbie "3 days and growing"


Sorry I have a tv2000 xp expert rm (recommended for vista by microsoft) and
I have the same problem. I tried uninstaling and reinstalling but no good.
I have latest whql vista drivers. Sounds like a vista problem to me.
One crazy idea that worked for my sister was turning back the date on her
computer to before may 2006. Unfortunatly this disables windows update
This didnt help me at all BTW.

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