media center and sky


Mark Hall

ok so I got vista ultimate and just put a TV card in that I have been given.
my problem is when I finally got it all installed I went to set it up in
media center but I get the error message:

The TV signal cannot be configured because
no tuner hardware was detected. please ensure
you hardware is correctly installed. If you do
not have tuner hardware, you may purchase a
tuner online from windows marketplace.

my TV card is an avertv m168-u


You need a vista driver for the tuner card. Try Hardware Device Manager to
see if Vista has a driver for it by using update driver link. If not, you
will have to see if the manufacturer has a Vista driver. Check the Vista
approved hardware list to make sure the tv tuner card is on it. I think you
might not be able to use that card with Vista.
Make sure you have already connected the tv card to your cable service, too.

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