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Here's one for ya. I was trying to send an email from my son's school's
website. It brought up Windows Mail. I didn't even know I had a Windows
e-mail account. How do I find out what my e-mail address is for this
account? When I did try to send something from this e-mail I keep getting
the message - the host POP3 server could not be found, and the host "smtp"
could not be found. Please help.


Windows Mail is an email program, and replaces Outlook Express, which was
included with XP.
You use it to access your existing POP or IMAP email account.
How do you access your email account currently?

Gary VanderMolen

Email addresses are not associated with a specific email program.
With a few exceptions (webmail) you can set up any email address
in any email program.

Who provides your email service? Or to ask that question another way,
what is the part of your email address after the @ symbol?
Your mail provider will typically have a web page that shows how to
set up an email program. If you need more help, tell us the name of
your email service provider.

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