Windows Mail does not "see" dbx file to import from Outook Express


Kjell Thu

I have copied all the --.dbx files that I have exported from Outlook Express
into a folder named: "C:\OEM" on the new PC. Then I started:
"File/Import/Messages" and choosed: "Microsoft Outlook Express 6" and hit the
next button. "Import mail from an OE6 store drectory" was hooked on so I hit
OK button. Then I "browesed to: "C:\OEM\" and in the top of the window I can
read: " No items match your search."
(No dbx files are read only)



Denise Lynn Hinson

The host 'POP3' could not be found. Please verify that you have entered the
server name correctly.
Account: 'POP3', Server: 'POP3', Protocol: POP3, Port: 110, Secure(SSL):
No, Socket Error: 11001, Error Number: 0x800CCC0D................Does anyone
know what this means and how I correct the problem. I just bought this new
computer and it is vista and I do dnot know how to use this e-mail and I can
not go to my msn of=r yahoo or google accounts to send any of these
messages. HELP



Gary VanderMolen

Denise, your problem description does not fit in with the
subject title of this thread. In the future, please start a new post.

If you want to use your MSN account, you will need to get the free
upgrade to Windows Live Mail:

Free Yahoo accounts have webmail access only unless you pay them
for a premium Mail Plus account:

You can use Gmail with either Windows Mail or Windows Live Mail by
following these instructions:

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