Windows Logon Screen missing input field



The network guy who configured our XP clients on a Windows 2000 server
has left town and I'm the network admin by default. He managed to
remove the "log on to" input field on the windows logon screen so that
this one client only has to enter a username and password. I think
this is causing logon problems fpr this machine. Can anyone tell me
how to get the "log on to" input field to display in the logon window?

Many thanks,

Roger Abell

Log into that client machine as an admin, r-click into the
properties of MyComputer, and in there change it to being
in a workgroup (if not already). Make sure that you are
using a local account that is an admin, not a domain admin
account when you do the above.
Now on the domain controller, look for the machine object
(account) for that machine, and if you find one, remove it.
Now reboot the client, go into the same place in MyComputer,
and join the machine to the domain, providing dom admin
credentials when prompted.

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