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What is going on? I send an email containing a *.Gif graphic file and receive
the same email with the same graphic file - but now it has become a *.Jpg
I have tried sending the email to myself and this is how its done:
1. I start the composing of a new email, addressed to myself
2. I go to the text area and insert a *.Gif graphic (Just to be sure that I
still have a *.Gif graphic file, I right click on the graphic and select
"save as", just to see what file type it would be saved as - yes it wants to
save it as a *.Gif file; so everything is still OK; it is still a *.Gif file
- I do of course not save it however).
3. I send the email.
4. I receive the email, open it - the graphic looks the same, but if I right
click the graphic to do a "save as", it has now changed to a *.Jpg file?
5. To further investigate, I now rightclick on the email in the in-box; go
to Properties; Details; and Message Source - In here I can see the the file
type for the graphic is indeed *.Jpg/*Jgeg ?!?
Note: this magic trick seem to work with some *.Gif files only - and also,
the files I have tried are animated *Gif files (that is how I noticed that
something was wrong, the animations did not work when they had been sent and
received with WLM)
Does anyone have any ideas about what happens that can convert the file
Thanks JN

Scott M.

This is a newsgroup for questions relating to Microsoft's ".NET" programming
platform. I would try contacting Windows Live customer support.


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