Windows font changed to Wingdings (or something)! Help please.



My husband deleted some programs from our PC (running Windows XP Home Edition
- up-to-date). Some how during the delete the default font in Windows
changed to wingdings or some other series of characters! We cannot read
anything. Via desktop properties I have been able to get some of the writing
legible but it isn't nearly what it use to be. What should the default font
be? And how can I get it back???

Help is much appreciated




I should also mention, system restore points from this morning and yesterday
fail when I try to restore.


Hi There Y'all,

First of all, I'm totally floored that I'm actually supplying someone with a
potential solution for their problem!! :blush:)

Try this:
1. Open Control Panel from the Start menu.
2. Left click on Fonts folder to open it.
3. Click on File in upper toolbar on the left.
4. Select Install New Font
5. From the lower left window scroll to Fonts folder and double
click on it.
6. Windows will now reinstall all your system fonts (takes about 3-4

Then, of course (as is my general rule), reboot.

I hope this works for you. Please let me know if this works for you....I'll
truly amaze myself if it does!! :blush:)

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Aug 30, 2012
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Hi Guys,

This just happened to me, after a windows Update on 7 Home premium.
what you can do is use Windows Explorer to actually type the location of your Fonts directory: C:\WINDOWS\FONTS or ANY directory to browse your system

The system actually knows what you are typing and will take you to any directory you type into the Explorer search bar. So just type as normal.

I had already tried recovery mode (F8) and going back to 2 earlier states that were listed, but that didn't help me. Still the Symbols.

After I rebooted into SAFE MODE (F8), and looked in my FONTS directory, I found out that I only had 3 fonts left on my system after some kind of software change, windows update etc. Luckily, I backed up all of my fonts into a .rar archive months earlier and uploaded the .rar archive to Google Drive.

I am now logged on to my dedicated server via remote desktop, downloading the fonts that I uploaded to Google.Drive to the dedicated server.

You just have to know the image for certain system folders and system locations to navigate your system with symbols. Just click on the start button and looke for the picture of the BLUE MONITOR (Computer & Windows Explorer).... I hope this works and is helpful for someone, including me!

Then what I did was use Remote Desktop and an FTP client that I already had on my system to ftp into my dedicated server, and name the downloaded fonts directory, to some long charactered name, so that I would be able to tell what it was by the symbols. I added a bunch of capital L's to the directory name, which in turn, makes the symbols appear as a square. So, LLLLLL would be converted to a bunch of squares.

Now once the FTP transfer (download) finishes to my symboled system, I plan on selecting ALL (CTRL+A) of the fonts from the downloaded directory, Copy them (CTRL+C) , and PASTING (CTRL+V) them into my Windows Fonts directory. Wish me luck.

I have a backup of 3,124 Fonts. if anyone would like a copy of the fonts for their safekeeping, I uploaded the .rar archive for you. In case you don't have any backups or any fonts left, They will be here:

WOOOHOOO! Update! I just finished FTP'ing and re-installing my fonts. I AM BACK TO NORMAL. once windows installed the Fonts, the system immediately changed to the proper font and the symbols were gone! LONG LIVE GOOGLE!

Good luck,
JE - *** Email address is removed for privacy ***

Hopes this help someone out there.

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