Windows Explorer loses Folder Customization



I am running Vista Home Premium, and have a problem with Windows Explorer.
When I set the customization of some folders, the settings for some other
folders change. For example, I have one folder that contains data files, and
I prefer to have this displayed in the "All Items" style. I right click on
the folder name and select Properties from the pop up menu. I select the
"Customization" tab and set the folder type to "All Items". Another folder
contains photographs, and I set this to display as "Pictures and Videos".
When I set the second folder, the first one also changes to "Pictures and
Videos". When I set the first one back again, the second one also changes.
The problem does not affect every folder, but just seems to affect certain
pairs of folders, which interact in this way. When I reboot the PC, the
folder settings remain as they were immediately before the reboot, and do not
appear to be affected by the reboot. How do I eliminate the interaction
between the settings of different folders and get each folder to keep its own


I am also experiencing similar issues - folders will, seemingly randomly,
change their settings - the most common being to list my items as Grouped,
which is a setting I only use in the "My Computer" window. In addition, my
computer is convinced that the root of my external USB Drive (Data only)
should be a Music Folder and will not allow any customisation.

Google shows that this is a common fault, but the suggested fixes are varied
and involve Registry Edits, something I am loathe to try until an
"Approved/Confirmed" solution presents itself.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


I tried one "fix" I found on Google. It worked for a couple of weeks, and
then explorer went back to its old tricks again. It does seem, however, that
the problem is happening slightly less frequently than before.

This was on Vista, but recently I have seen a similar problem on an XP
machine I have. I suspect it is something to do with having lots of folders.
I have a large number of folders containing photographs on the Vista machine.
The XP machine hit the same problem when I copied those folders onto it. It
could be that I copied a hidden file, but if so, I cannot find the culprit.

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