Windows Defender won't update defenition, even manually



I have windows defender on my laptop and it will not update the defenition.
The updates won't show up in Windows Update, updating through the program
says there is no updates available, but sill bugs me saying that the
defenition is out of date. The current installed defenition is from August
5. Going to the microsoft security portal website and downloading the
current 32 bits won't work either. When I right-click on the .exe and select
'Run as administrator' the extraction dialog box shows, but the update
doesn't actually install. Renaming the software distribution folder won't
work and my time is correct on my laptop. Thanks in advance for help. I
have Vista Ultimate.


Are you an persistant lady or what? You have posted this question across
several forums for which a solution has already been offered in `Signatures`
by Bill Sanderson (MVP). For the benefit of the community viewing posts on
here, please post back your results - positive OR negative. OK? Others will
then benefit from your experiences and may just be able to assist you or
share their experiences..



I am not a "lady", what would make you think I am a woman, because only a
woman can be persistant? I am not persistant, I am frustrated, I have spent
about a week trying to fix this issue. I've had my laptop for less than a
month, and already a Vista component was screwed up, I also had a seperate
issue which made my laptop not boot correctly, it just stayed at the
"Configuring updates" screen for hours. Anyways both issues resolved, what
fixed this issue was installing the update manually in Clean boot with admin

Bill Sanderson

Interesting--thanks for posting the resolution.

I had a Vista machine that would not apply a particular update--just
one--even in a clean boot. However, running this bit of code from Microsoft
corrected whatever was wrong, and allowed that update to install:

It is a rather large download, and it takes a good while to run--but I would
recommend it to anyone with a difficult update problem on Vista. (Now that
I think of it--I probably recommended it to you in the other thread!)

In my case, I was following instructions from Microsoft support staff--and
the clean boot was the step before the update readiness tool. The step
after the update readiness tool was to reinstall Vista!

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