Windows defender not recognising AVG



My friends computer she runs AVG the free version she also has Vista
installed and Windows Defender is switching itself off and saying her
computer is not covered by an anti virus. It has also stopped her accessing
the internet hence my email for help on what she should do next. AVG is
saying her computer is covered.


You could try this:

Right-click Command Prompt (in Start Menu\Programs\Accessories) and choose
Run as Administrator. Type (or Copy and Paste) the following commªnd:

winmgmt /verifyrepository

Press Enter. If the system returns "WMI repository is not consistent", type
this commªnd:

winmgmt /salvagerepository

Press Enter. The first time you run this it will fail. (It will issue stop
commands to the services causing it to fail, saying, "A stop control has been
sent to a service that other running services are dependent on"). It might
take a couple minutes for the services to shut dºwn.

Run the last command again. You may have to run it 3 times before it finally
runs and completes on its ºwn.


AVG, Windows One Care, and many other antivirus programs shut down Windows

This is normal, They have their own Antivirus.

Norton and McAfee also shut down the Windows Firewall.

You are covered, not to worry.

Fu Q

I can verify that this works. I had the same trouble, somehow found this
method, and it did work. Everything is fine now.

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