Windows Defender encountered an error: 0x8050800c.



Windows Defender encountered an error: 0x8050800c. An unexpected problem
occurred. Install any available updates, and then try to start the program
again. (To check for updates, click Start, click All Programs, and then click
Windows Update.)

I have all updates for my computer. OS: XPSP2. This is very frustrating as
Beta1 has been uninstalled and Defender should be working! I have installed
this from the root drive with admin priv. I searched technet for this
specific error for naught. I am glad to see that others are experiencing this
and I am not crazy. This is defininetly holding me back from installing
Defender on other computers.


I'm receiving a similar error whenver I try to update Defender definitions:
"Windows Defender was unable to complete the update: 0X80072efd"

Bill Sanderson

This one is likely to be firewall or proxy settings. Can you reach Windows
Update OK? Does AutoUpdate work on this system?

Consider going into the IE connection settings and checking or unchecking
"automatically detect" in the proxy settings.


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