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William Sallander

I just recently installed Windows Defender. When I did a deep scan on my
machine it showed two files it didn't like.
Since they were files I didn't need any more I decided to remove them. When
I hit remove the program seemed to crash. I even rebooted and tried to
quarantine them but to no avail.
I have XP with SP2, AVG virus protection and Zone Alarm fire wall (free
The files found seemed to be zip files.



Mr Cat

Windows Defender will not remove archived (zip, rar, ....) files. You should
have seen some error code associated with the detection or removal process.
You might want to look at WD History. The reasoning is that in your case the
zip file may contain good stuff, e.g., pictures in addition to the malware. I
suggest you manually remove the zip files. Also WD stores event information
in the system logs under WinDefend. You can use Event Viewer to look at the
system log entries. The entries should identify the names of the files and
the malware.

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