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Do I have to install an Antivirus, even though I have Windows Defender? Or
does W.D. works as an Anti-Virus too?




Hello Amanpr,

Windows Defender does not provide Anti-Virus protection.
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Hi Amanpr,

The reality of the modern malware world is that there is no one product (or
two products) that will catch all of the infections that are circulating on
the net.
From Sandi
Sometimes you will need extra tools.

1.- Cleaning your computer - first sweep

A description of the Safe Mode Boot options in Windows XP

Boot into safe mode (F-8) and do the following:

Empty your IE cache and your other temporary file folders:
c:\Documents and Settings\<username>\Local Settings\Temp

The path to your temp folder will change depending on username and operating


Do NOT try to delete the contents of the Windows folder, delete ONLY the
contents of the prefetch folder (yes, believe it or not, some have tried to
delete the Windows folder in its entirety)

Go to Control Panel. Open Internet Options, Temporary Internet Files
{Settings Button}, View Objects, Downloaded Program Files. A Windows Explorer
window will open. Unwanted plugins can be removed by right clicking on the
object, and selecting 'remove'.

Go to the Programs Tab then click on Manage Add-Ons. Examine the list of
'Add-ons that have been used by Internet Explorer' and disable anything that
you do not want Internet Explorer to use. If you wish, the add-ons can be
re-enabled at a later time.

Click on the Accessibility button on the General tab. Make sure there is no
style sheet chosen. If the option is turned on, turn it OFF.

2.- Cleaning your computer - second sweep

Start Windows Defender. Remember you should have updated it as soon as it
was installed, and you should also update it every time it is run (unless you
have already checked for updates that day).

Run a full scan and remove any malware that is detected.

Once finished, reboot.

Run Windows Defender again. If the infection is back, note down its name.

3.- Cleaning your computer - third sweep

Run an online Trend Micro antispyware scan.

Run an online Ewido scan. <>

Download and run SuperAntispyware (Free)

If the malware problem comes back further specialised assistance is
available via various anti-spyware forums, <> ,
castlecops <> and bleepingcomputer
<> .

You will need to post a HijackThis log at the anti-spyware forums for
analysis, but please make sure that you have attempted to clean your system
as per the advice above before generating the log file.

Rootkits are becoming more common - add Blacklight
<> to your arsenal

Rid Yourself of Rootkits
The nastiest spyware specimens--the worst of the worst--are rootkits. These
programs hide themselves from Windows, from antispyware tools, and from
utilities such as Process Explorer and Security Task Manager. If you suspect
that a rootkit has invaded your PC, you still may triumph. A free utility
called IceSword
can find and remove many kinds of rootkits. The only downside (for all but
about 1 billion of us)? The tool's instructions are in Chinese.
Fortunately, some smart people have created an illustrated guide in English
for using IceSword. If you're considering using the program, read this guide
carefully before you begin. As with HijackThis, a wrong move can cause
serious problems.

I hope this post is helpful.

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one thing, in the prefetch folder do NOT delete the .ini file- you might
have problmes if you do.

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