Windows Defender



I had teh AV anti-virus bug. I managed to delete it and get things running
once again with the exception of Windows Defender. I have installed Mcafee
anti virus.

I am not able to turn on Windows Defender now. I attempted to download it
from Microsft, but I get a message that it is a part of Vista and I don't
need to install it. The installation cancels itself.

What can I do? Thanks in advance



Bill Sanderson

When you say that you are not able to turn on Windows Defender, what do you
try, and what happens?

There's a good chance that the McAfee software is intentionally disabling
Windows Defender, because it includes spyware detection. If that is the
case, and you wish to keep Mcafee, I'd leave things alone.

In general, the repair process for Windows Defender on Vista or newer OS
versions, is to start an elevated command prompt by righ-clicking command
prompt in the start, accessories menu and choosing "run as administrator",
and then typing

sfc /scannow

and hitting enter, at that command prompt.

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