Windows Crashes in Normal Mode, Safe Mode With Networking mode butnot Safe Mode




My Dell Inspiron laptop was running all fine last week. But suddenly, I started having problems when I rebooted my Windows.

I can log in fine but then Windows freezes suddenly usually a few minutes later. From memory, this usually happens when I clicked on Control Panel or some other things on the Start Menu.

I can log onto Safe Mode fine.

I tried the following:
* chkdsk /f > This runs fine
* sfc /runnow > This does detect some unrecoverable Windows errors. They were apparently about ipmonitor. Having researched on Google, it's apparently an error that can be safely ignored.

For experiment, I tried loggin onto Windows with networking mode, the computer crashes there.

I was trying to look "recovery disks" that were supplied by Dell, all I could find were some installation disks for Windows Media Center and WebCam.

Based on what I have described, can anyone suggest anything else that I can try please?



P.S. My laptop is running Windows Vista Basic Edition. But I failed to find a Vista specific helpdesk group :(

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