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Hi Guys,

I have installed windows vista ultimate and Windows XP MCE on my hard drive
using the dual boot option, XP MCE is functioning normally. Since I have
another empty partition on my hard drive, I thought why not use the PC Backup
tool in vista and save an image of vista partition which i have just
installed. When I entered Backup and Restore Center, I used the back up
computer option, it later asks me " Where do you want to save the backup? " i
selected 20GB partition which is completely empty, next " Which disks do you
want to include in the backup? " at this screen by default vista selects both
my partitions XP MCE and Vista, because it detects system files which are
present in XP MCE, but it will not let you uncheck XP MCE whereas I do not
want to backup MCE, I only want a backup of Vista.

1. Is the backup utility limited for people with Single OS only?
2. Is there a work around this problem?
3. Has anyone else faced this issue?
4. How can i hide my XP MCE from being searched by the backup tool?
5. Should i go for third party back up utilities?
6. Should i Delete my XP Partition then back up Vista, and install XP again?

Please advice.


Lingaraj D,
Bangalore, India.
Research, Share & Resolve.



Richard Urban

Backing up (imaging) the operating system to the same physical hard drive
gives you little to no disaster protection. In fact, the Vista backup
utility may even prevent this because it is not a good practice (I may be
wrong here though).

The best utility for creating system images (backups) is TrueImage HOME
10.0.4942. It is 100 % compatible with Vista and will allow you to image
just the single partition as you desire. It will also allow you to create a
"secure zone", which is prevented from being accessed by anything other than

After creating the secure zone and storing your image within, you just press
F11 when instructed to, early in the boot process. TrueImage will initiate -
even if the O/S is totally FUBAR. Browse to your secure zone and start the
restore process.

I would STILL suggest adding a 2nd hard drive to your system just for the
backups - or direct the image to an external USB drive during the image
creation process. Then you be have additional disaster recovery safety.



Richard Urban
Microsoft MVP Windows Shell/User
(For email, remove the obvious from my address)

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