Windows Basic theme



Is there any way to adjust the windows basic theme to change the color of
windows? I have tried changing the color and it accepts them but then stays
the baby blue color.

I do not have a computer capable of running Aero (Built in Intel Video).
And this is a laptop so I can not upgrade the graphics card.

I really like the start menu and task bar colors. But the baby blue
background is driving me crazy.

I have tried applying XP themes but they do not work. I have not found any
themes for Vista yet or a application to make my own theme. Any suggestions?
I would be happy with a black theme similar to the start menu and task bar.



Sascha Benjamin Jazbec

be happy with that "babyblue".. because . :

Half a year ago when vista was in development, they had a grey theme and
looked so ugly I cannot decribe it.

It resembled something I call "deadlooking old rubber" - it made vista
look cheap and very very misdesigned,

The new theme is a bit closer to what Aero is. Of course very very basic, it
cannot be emulated better.

Because only many testers have complained about that, Ms has redesigned the
theme to what you have now.

But don't expect any newer "basic theme" from Microsoft - and I wont bet on
Products like WindowBlinds, because they will also require a Aero capable

And it is not too easy for ethusiasts to make individual themes for vista.
Becasue those files are digitally signed and encrypted, u would have to
change system-files with "cracked ones" - not everybody will do that only
for a bit different look. And you are right, XP themes do not fit Vista.
They are absolutely not compatible.

The old XP- way to draw windows on the screen is definately over. It's only
there for the few like you that have no Aero-card and will have to use the
themes so long until you put in a new gpu.

The future is Aero /DWM on Microsofts OS and Xgl/Compiz on Linux ( also a
decent 3D card is required to run Linux with effects )

You should use Aero, there you can choose between every thinkable colour to
tint the borders wit a mixer.

And you are not "forced" to use transparency, if you don't like it. Aero is
more than only "glass". :)

SJ / germany

Daniel E Jameson

My WinXP Classic Mode themes work fine with Visa Classic Mode.

Daniel Jameson
If the man tells you to hate another,
It's not so you can benefit at the expense of the other...
It's so he can benefit at the expense of you!

Sascha Benjamin Jazbec

what you come up with that are colour-schemes, not themes. They would work
in Windows 95, too.

Even in Windows 3.1 there was scheming-support ;)

XP and Vista use themes AND colour schemes,too when vista is in "classic

But the OP asked about a new or alternate theme, he is not refering to
"classic mode" but to Vista Basic mode ( which is the default mode if no
Aero-card is available or no WDDM drivers are installed ) and there is none
such theme available officially ( i.e. not signed by Microsoft and therfore
not installable ).

Vista Basic is what XP's Luna Gui is like.
# Classic is Classic on both XP and Vista.. and that has never changed.

He would have to tamper with the system if he finds a vista-basic alternate
theme ( of course they exist ).

Just to make the difference clear.

SJ /germany

Charlie Wilkes

The future is Aero /DWM on Microsofts OS and Xgl/Compiz on Linux ( also a
decent 3D card is required to run Linux with effects )

I am running Ubuntu w/Beryl on a scrap-built machine with a 64mb video
card. It's fast, stable, slick as can be. I wonder what would happen if I
tried to install Vista with Aeroglass.



Well thank you for your clarifications. I will give up my search now and
just deal with the blue until I decide to buy a new laptop. I would love to
run Aero but it isn't soo easy to upgrade the GPU's on a laptop since they
are built in and not swapable.





Cody, I share your frustration. I too am trying to customize the Windows
Vista Basic Theme and I just want to change the active title bar color to
something more distinguishable. I can't! It gets covered up by blue. But I
see it peek out if I minimize and restore the window. It accepts the values
I put into the Advanced... menu, then changes nothing in the UI. Argh.

Why does Vista give me access to controls that it ignores?

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