Windows 7 copying dog slow


Tom M

Hello all,

I am officially a "Windows 7"-only house now. I've pretty happy with
it -- it's fast (actually faster than XP on the same machine) and easy
to use. However, I have noticed that when I copy across the network,
it's very slow. I think the problem also prevents good streaming from
one computer to another. If I try, for example, to play a video
across the network it's all choppy but if I just play it locally it's

For background's sake, I have a Dell Inspiron E1505 laptop and an ASUS
EB-1501. They both have Win7 Ultimate, the latter x64. Both are
wirelessly connected to my network. My wireless gateway/router is an
older Linksys WRT54G, but with Tomato firmware. (My router IS on the
"approved" devices compatible with Win7, although I see no reason why
Win7 would require certain networking components to transfer files

When I copy from one machine to the other wirelessly, the speed
generally hovers around 1 mbps. Very slow, especially considering
both are connected at 54mbps wirelessly. I have tried the following,
in various combinations:

1. Connecting them physically (and turning off wireless) to the
router, which should up my speed from 54mbps to 100. Actual speed
goes up to about 5mbps, still way too slow -- and inconvenient.
2. Turning off Windows Firewall.
3. I am using AVG anti-virus. I have tried turning it off on both
machines, makes no difference.
4. Turning off the Remote Differential Compression on both machines.
Does nothing.
5. Disabling the flow control on the network adapter properties (on
the wired connection, wireless doesn't have this). Actually it was
already disabled. Does nothing.
6. Trying this shell command: "netsh interface tcp set global
chimney=disabled"... Does nothing.
7. Trying this shell command: "netsh interface tcp set global
autotuninglevel=disabled"... Does nothing

Has anybody had any luck speeding this up, outside of installing a
copy/speed-boost program which Windows should not need?

Any help appreciate... I'm out of options to try.


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