Vista - I must wait 4 minutes before I can connect to the internet


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When Vista's desktop appears, I can't connect to the internet for
about 4 minutes. If I click on IE or Outlook Express, these
applications don't appear on the desktop. Also, the Avast anti-virus
icon in the system tray says: "you're not fully protected". After
about 4 minutes of this idleness, the system shudders in to life, and
I can then use IE & Outlook Express and connect to the internet.
Also, the Avast anti-virus icon changes to "fully protected".

This Vista machine has been working correctly, up to now. However, I
did make a few changes recently. One thing I did was I tried to get
MS Messenger working, and used this command:

netsh interface tcp set global autotuninglevel=disabled

This worked, and allowed MS Messenger to work.

Also, I set up MS Windows Live Family Filter. I think it's at that
stage that this connection problem has occured.

I've tried the following actions to fix this situation, without

1) I'm using a wired modem, netgear DG834. It does have the latest
2) I tried

netsh interface tcp set global autotuninglevel=disabled
netsh interface tcp set global autotuninglevel=normal

3) I tried

ipconfig /flushdns

4) I tried

Deleting the content of the SOCKS field, inside MS Messenger tools/

One thing I'm not sure about is what netgear modem driver I'm using.
I can't remember if I installed one, or if I'm using one supplied by
Vista. (Sorry I'm not very familiar with this Vista machine - it's
not my regular PC.)

Any ideas please people? Thanks a lot for any suggestions. :)

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I've made progress. The problem appears to be the MS Windows Live
Family Filter. I went through all of its settings, and set them all
to "Off" / "Disabled" - that kind of thing. I rebooted the Vista PC,
and when the desktop reappeared, the very slow connection problem has

Jack [MVP-Networking]

Glad you solved your problem. In general, these type of problems occur when
people deviate from the defaults and do not take into consideration (or do
not know) that the variety of changes that they employ might conflict one
with the other and leave Network related hooks looking for unavailable
If one needs to change, changes have to be made one at time, returning the
changed setting to its original configuration if it done no do what the user
meant to do before employing the next change.
Jack (MS, MVP-Networking).

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