Windows 2003 Server or Enterprise



I have installed several times Microsoft Cluster with Windows 2003
Enterprise. I am going to install now a server with an external shared
storage (it is going to be connected through a SCSI cable). My question is if
I need to install Windows 2003 Enterprise or I could use Windows 2003 Server.
I think that the reason to use Windows 2003 Enterprise is to install the
Microsoft Cluster Service, so to see and to manage the shared storage from
one server I have to install Windows 2003 Server. Am I right?

Thanks in advance.


Laura E. Hunter \(MVP\)

The Cluster service can only be configured on a machine running 2003
Enterprise or Datacenter edition - it is not supported on 2003 Standard. If
you only need to view the Cluster -Administrator- for an existing cluster,
you can do so from any server or workstation that has the Administrative
Tools installed.


Thank you for your answer. But my problem is that I don't want to use
Microsoft Cluster. I mean that i am going to have only one node and the
esternal storage (SCSI). The question if I could see the external storage
with Windows 2003 server.



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