Windows 2000 not recognizing cd burner properly



I have a HP PII 350 machine (running Windows 2000 Pro) in
which I just installed a Mitsumi cd burner CR-476ETE.
When I tried to create a mixed cd under Windows Media
Player 9, the cd burner does not appear as a valid
drive. When I checked under the device manager, the
recording tab is missing so the drive is not being
recognized by 2000 properly. I have been able to burn
cd's using Nero, so I know the burner works. I contacted
Mitsumi (thinking it needed a special driver) and they
said no, it uses the standard one installed with Windows
and that the problem is a Windows issue. Any ideas what
I need to do to get Win 2000 to recognize this burner?



Tom Stearns

Also have a CD issue with Win 2K. I cannot make packet
CD's (Easy Direct CD is the softwarel; error says no

There is apparently a compatibility issue here of some

Anyboy got an answer?


Well "BOB I" since you're oh so intelligent .... where
was this 'answered elsewhere'??????

I thought the purpose of these message boards was for
people to post their problems and find answers. Get a
life jerk.



Bob I

Since the point of my reply was to notify the OP that the question did
have an answer AND to not multipost, then the OP can look in one of the
other places they pasted the same question over and over for the answer.

As for your question, there IS a search function available and the
operative word is "FIND".

Good day.

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