Windows 2000 does not know its arse from its elbow


George Orwell

I swapped a network card and USB card in their PCI slots,
so that the smaller network card would be next to the
graphics card, and less hinder the airflow to the heatsink.
Then when I boot Windoze MM, it goes through the complete
detected-new-hardware bullshit, even asking me for the
floppy disk with network card drivers!
Frickin stupid Microsoft - the same cards are still there
they just woke up on the other side of bed!
Out of interest, I tried the same trick on an old PC
with 98SE and it also thinks the hardware is new.
I guess that is why I never spent another cent to upgrade
to XP and later bloatware.

Il mittente di questo messaggio|The sender address of this
non corrisponde ad un utente |message is not related to a real
reale ma all'indirizzo fittizio|person but to a fake address of an
di un sistema anonimizzatore |anonymous system
Per maggiori informazioni |For more info



Sid Elbow

For God's sake Robbie, don't feed these trolls - or everyone will plonk
you as well.

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