Win98, VPN, and proxy fun show


Mark Ostrander

Hi All.

I was just wondering if there is any one out there that has had problems
with a VPN connection failing to authenticate after configuring a proxy?

The VPN server that we are using is Win 2003 server, the remote clients
are Win 98. Without the proxy (which is Squid), the connection
authenticates without a problem. But if the proxy is enabled, \\ gets
added to the username and authentication fails. We have one newer XP
client that does not have this problem, which tells me that the problem
is with the 98 machines.

I have updated, patched, bondo'd and duct taped everything that I can on
these machines to no avail. The only other option that we might be
looking at is to upgrade to Win XP on all of our machines, but as the
company that I work for is a non-profit, this may not be an option.

Any advice or suggestions will be appreciated.


joust in jest

If your issue is with Win 98 machine making a VPN connection to Server
2003 -- why are you posting in a Win XP newsgroup? There are newsgroups
dedicated both to Win 98 and to Server 2003 -- try there.


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