WIN2K3 RRAS for Dial-IN Help?


Andres Perales

I need some help folks, have spent majority of my day playing /
troubleshooting issues related to my Windows 2003 Server running RRAS for
Dial-In access.

Have 1 NIC - 192.168.XXX.XXX
A Digi Board Access RAS Card with 4 ports and 4 lines all connected to 800
number for dial-in

Set up RRAS assigned my 800 number to each of the ports, using window
authentication, and a local IP Pool of 172.16.XXX.XXX for the dial-in

When I test the dial up from an outside line I connect with my account, and
get a valid IP address, I am able to ping the 172.16.XXX.XXX addresses, mine
and the servers, I am even able to be the servers NIC 192.168.XXX.XXX. I
was thinking that I am good to go, so I tried to ping my mail server which
is on the same subnet as the RRAS Server 192.168.XX.XXX and nothing, I can
not get to any other machine on the inside of my network. I have tried
everything to get this to work, added static routes, removed static routes,
reviewed all of the policies, and nothing, I am frustrated and need this to
be working soon.

If anyone is out there that can help please post or reply to my email





Priya Raghavan [MSFT]


Are you able to reach the mail server from the RAS Server ?
When you try to ping the mail server from the client, use:

pathping <mail server>

instead of the usual ping. This will trace the route that it takes and we
will have a better idea of where the packets are getting dropped.

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