Win XP won't boot - Locked from Recov Console



Hello all.

My problems first started when I restarted and my computer said
C:/windows/system32/config/system is missing or corrupt and it wouldn't load
up. I Went to recovery console and renamed all of them to .bak and moved them
to a tmp folder, then I went to the repair folder and copied those to the
config folder. I Rebooted and got the "Your computer failed to start
successfully blah blah" and get safe mode, last good config (doesn't work)
and normal. I go to normal and get the win xp loading screen but after that
it just stays black. If I try any safe mode options, it stays hanging in

After that, I try going to recovery console again and my password isn't
recognized! It used to be blank and now it doesn't work. I tried the offline
nt password recover method but when it says it loads the SAM and Sofyware and
System, I go to edit them but then it gives me with "ERROR: SAM hive not
loaded!" or "Software hive not loaded and that is where recovery console
settings are..."

Now I'm stuck, my laptop won't load at all, and I can't access the recovery
console! I heard that this problem might be fixed in an SP1 version, but I
only have a regular windows xp recovery console cd, is that the problem? If I
slipstream sp1+ to it will it be fixed? I found the XP home SP2 boot disks
but my laptop doesn't have a floppy drive... so I'm stuck! Someone please
help. Thank you!



John John (MVP)

What is the Service Pack Level of your Windows XP CD? SP1? SP2? No SP?
Some syspreped OEM installations have Recovery Console password
problems after you try to replace corrupt registry hives, this problem
is mentioned in: The problem
was fixed with SP1, using a Windows XP CD with SP1 or better should
allow you to overcome the password problem and boot to the Recovery
Console. You can "slipstream" SP2 to your Windows XP CD or you can
download the newer floppy disk set from Microsoft to boot to the
Recovery Console.

Error message when you log on to Recovery Console in Windows XP: "The
password is not valid"




db.·.. >

all windows installation/
setup cd's have a recovery
console feature that can
be used.

you should try to borrow one
to repair or reinstall the o.s.

also, you can check with
your computers maker/homesite
and see what they recommend
for restoring your system.

here is more info on
that error. perhaps, there
is a clue to resolve the
issue you have:

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