Win XP Pro with IE7 not allowing for video playback from Web



My laptop features are; winXP pro, SP3, intell Core 2, with 2.49GB of Ram and
I use ie7. I do have other browsers installed on my laptop, such as Mozilla
F.Fox and Safari from Apple. Lately ie7 has not been working for watching web
video's, from youTube, or Yahoo, or MSN. I receive an error message that says
"need to update your flash player", so I've dowoloaded the latest flash
player [ver.9] as well as latest shockwave player and I also made sure to get
the latest updates from Microsoft, adobe, and updated the java program to the
latest version as well. But still the video's just won't play using ie7. The
same videos work just fine using Fire fox or Safari. Any help or suggestions
would be appreciated.


I would try uninstalling the addons that are having problems one by one:

IE\ Tools\Internet Options\ Programs' Tab\ Manage Add-Ons
And remove the ones yoo are having problems with and then installing them

If this is still not working, I would reset the IE7:

IE\ Tools\Internet Options\ Advanced Tab\ Reset.
That cleans all the configuration files and installing it again should solve
the problem.

Hope this helps!

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