Win Vista Support for Philips Webcam PCVC680K



Hi there.

I've just installed the RC1 of Windows vista, and almost all my hardware is

The only problem I have is the webcam (Philips PCVC680k)

When I link it to the USB port, Windows sees it and it tells me that is
going to search the driver on the internet. It seems like it found it,
because tells me "Philips VGA CAMERA (video)". But then it doesn't find the
files and the driver installation closes.

Do you know if there is a working driver anywhere or any other way to use my

Sorry if I asked something too stupid ^_^

Thank you




Hi, I have the same problem. My camera web does not work,i don't find the
driver. It's a Genius VideoCAM Messenger 350K. What can I do? Where can I
find a compatible driver for Vista RC1? Thank you




Nero schreef:
As far as Philips are concerned that camera is old.
Might be so, but in Xp there is the one xp-supplied driver that drives
both the ToUCam I an ToUCam II series. I know cause have had the I, and
now have the ToUCam II Pro (740 i believe it is). My point is, how hard
can it be for Philips to come out with one driver that support all these
camera's. I really would be very disappointed if they don't bring one,
just because all these are out of retail nowadays.

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