Win 2K pro pc takes 15 min to register to dns server at startup



Hello All,
I have a Win 2k server, and 3 pc's 2 - win 2k pro, 1 - win xp pro.
When I startup the win 2k pro pc's the DNS resolution takes about 15 min.
before internal addreses will resolve.
I start up then open a cmd prompt.
Issue command "ping aj01", or any internal name I get no reply
If I "ipconfig/registerdns" all names resolve immediatly.
If I wait about 15 min all names resolve.
This does not happen on my win xp pro pc all names resolve immediatly.
My tcp/ip dns setting are
Append primary & connection specific DNS suffixes
Append parent suffixes of the primary DNS suffix, and
Register this connection's addresses in DNS.

any ideas are greatly appreciated!
Any ideas why this is happening.

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