win 2k install


jeff bell

i was trying to install windows 2000 on my computer that
had windows 98 se. it worked fine with 98se but after
formating my hard drive it will not let me install 2000.
it starts to install, then i get a blue stop screen with
the error c0000145 0 on it.. my motherboard is a
biostar m7vkq ver 1.1 , duror 1.3 processor and pc133
memory i'm thinking maybe i can't use 2k on this board
but it's only a yr old so i would think i could



Luci Sandor

As I understood, it a blue screen of death.
There is no 145 on the list, please be more specific and read the text too.
Then get the list of errors for windows 2000 from
and search through it for recommandations. It's a help file you can search
for words or look under "kernel"->"STOP" tree.
A frequently recommended step is to check your hardware compatibility. This
can be done if you still have 98 running with a "readiness analyzer"
downloadable from
or, if 98 isn't working anymore, get the list from
and verify ALL your devices (USB controllers, firewire adapters, SCSI
adapters, SerialATA stuff).
Try to get rid of all the hardware you can from your motherboard during 2000
Another frequent advice is to check the quality of the CD-ROM.

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