Will not sleep without clicking shutdown



I was struggling to get the sleep mode to work with my
vista premium. I found this web site extremely useful in
getting things to work:


I realized I had ACPI support for sleep and hybrid.

After making the suggested changes, if I select
Windows->shutdown it goes into the sleep->hybrid mode
with no difficulty (It is absolutely great especially
when I need to awaken the computer. It's ready to go in
20 seconds!)

Unfortunately, Vista will not go into sleep mode with
inactvity for 25 minutes (the requested time to sleep).

Any possible explanation for this, Gadgets maybe?


Any possible explanation for this, Gadgets maybe?
I've gone into task manager and gradually turned
virtually everything off and yet it will not sleep when
not used.

Any suggestions?



Brink.34x0m4 said:
3. A wireless keyboard or mouse can sometimes prevent the computer from
sleeping on it's on, but will also usually wake the computer up from
either way to.

Never thought it would be a MicroSoft wireless mouse
problem, but after your suggestion I checked Windows
Update and noticed that Microsoft had a "Hardware
update" for an HID device. Downloaded installed and
sleep is now working!

A+ for helping.
Hope to return the favor

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