WIA and Twain Drivers



Digital Imaging Standard lits my scanner as both WIA and Twain (Win XP
install) When I ran the adviser it said the scanner would not work in Vista.
Could this be because of the WIA drivers and would Vista recognise just the
twain drivers. I have my copy of Vista ready to install but don't want to
give up this scanner because of the great copies of photos that it makes. Any
suggestions ?

Mustek Bear Paw 2400 TA Plus scanner.



I've got a Canon 8400F scanner. Canon has a Vista driver for Vista that is a
twain driver only). Vista has "Windows Fax and Scan" which REFUSES TO
RECOGNIZE my computer having a scanner but all my other programs do
recognize it. Vista's Control Panel ->Hardware and Sound ->Scanners and
Cameras recognizes the scanner and passes the scanner test. After digging
and querying MS and Canon I finally got the answer. Vista's "Windows Fax and
Scan" utilizes a scanner's WIA interface, not twain. Sometimes Vista sucks!
In the end this isn't such a big deal to me but it may be to you.

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