Why won't .NET Frameworkd 1.1 update itself?


Adam Albright

Sometimes just scanning your Event logs can give you a headache.

I have several none Microsoft high end applications that require .Net
Framework to activate all their advanced features.

Every day so far since installing Vista I get this moronic message in
the Event Log:

Product: Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1. The application tried to
install a more recent version of the protected Windows file

You may need to update your operating system for this application to
work correctly. (Package Version:, Operating System Protected

I'll just whisper so any Microsoft employee doesn't hear...

Why isn't Vista smart enough to know IT IS the latest version of


Hint to Microsoft Vista Development Team:


There is already a version 2.0 of .Net Framework, it says it runs in
Vista, somebody should tell Vista.


Hmm, you upgraded from XP to Vista?

Vista has .NET 3.0 preinstalled on it.

He said 1.1, not 3.0.

Scott http://angrykeyboarder.com

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