Why is it I no longer can save a Word document directly on CD?



I created a document in Word and tried to save it on the CD (D drive). I use
to be able to save a Word document directly on the CD by selecting <File,
Save As, "D" drive> and without having to first save it on the hard drive.
What has changed? Now when I select the "D" drive to save a Word document,
I get a message that says "incorrect function". If I want to save my
document on the CD, I first have to save it on the hard drive and then go to
Roxio to save the document on the CD. Then the document becomes "read only"
which I cannot make changes. Is there a way I can save my Word document
directly on the CD and not on the hard drive?

Graham Mayor

You should never ever save to CD directly and the reason you cannot do so
will be attributable to sensible security updates. CD is a not a medium
which supports read/write access like a hard drive, though there have been a
number of rather flaky applications that allow it to do so when using CDRW

ALWAYS work from the hard drive, whether it be opening, saving or printing

Copy your documents from CD to the hard drive and remove the read only
attribute before editing the document.

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Graham Mayor - Word MVP

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