how to open a document directly from skydrive



Is it possible to open a document on word 2007 directly from SkyDrive? I´d
like to work with documents located in Skydrive: when I save the doc, the
word will save it directly on Skydrive.

Is that possible?


You would have to have WindowsLive Skydrive click SAVE AS but not directly
from Word 2007, after Save As just open as usual. The email links only take
you to the shared folder (documents).


Just to clarify further, it is a shared DOCUMENT space not a shared

Hope this helps


Yes, Jules. Thks.

Just to test, I put the Dkydrive document address on the word´s open dialog.
For my surprise, the word open a new document with the message: "Windows Live
ID requires JavaScript to sign in. This web browser either does not support
JavaScript, or scripts are being blocked.

To find out whether your browser supports JavaScript, or to allow scripts,
see the browser's online help."

With this message, I thought I could set up the word to open a window to
make me sign in.

Any way, thks.


Do you have a Windows Live ID? You need to register for a Windows Live ID.
Just Google.


Rocha, not sure what your problem is! If you are not the Skydrive folder
owner has someone sent you an email link? You then click that and go to the
folder to gain reader/editor access. Word does not open directly files from
Skydrive folders. You have Word open on screen. But you switch to Skydrive
folder (log into your Windows Live space and Skydrive) and save the document
to your desktop or a folder on your computer if you have editor rights. Then
open it using Word like any other document.

You may find more assistance by clicking on the support button of your
Windows Live Skydrive.

Hope this helps.

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